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The BEST WAY To Manage
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With BRG

"Experience the luxury and elegance of managing your business with the modern Cloud Cashier system, and get the optimal performance and peace of mind you deserve!"

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"Are you looking to transform your business's point of sale into a unique and seamless experience? Do you want to improve your business's performance and gain advanced security and flexibility in managing your sales and inventory? Try BRG - the cloud-based POS system that combines ease of use, global accessibility, advanced security, and unparalleled flexibility in managing your business's point of sale. With BRG , you can access your cloud-based POS system from anywhere, at any time, and improve your business's performance. Try BRG now and transform your business's management experience to the best it can be."

Busniess Type we Support


Restaurants & Coffee

"Revolutionize your business with our cloud-based point of sale system. Streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and increase sales with ease. Get started with BREK today."


Retails & shops

"Maximize your retail potential with our cloud-based point of sale system. Streamline inventory management, increase sales, and enhance customer experience. Join the BREK community today and take your business to new heights."



"Simplify your business management with our cloud-based point of sale system. Manage appointments, track inventory, and improve customer engagement. BREK makes it all possible."


Portable Cashier device

A small, portable cashier device for field use, with a built-in printer, card readers, and scanning


Cashier and Point of Sales for all business

BRG is an all-inclusive POS and management solution tailored to adapt to all your needs and goals. Manage all operations (online and on Store) from orders to inventory in one platform..


Enables you to effectively manage your orders.


Helps you manage your daily sales and products.


Enables easy sales and purchasing.


Business Dashboard

Closely manage your business on the go from your tablet. Keep an eye on your sales and inventory at all times and stay on top of your operations:


Dedicated Account Consultant


Multi-Branch Management


Easy Set-Up and Maintenance


Reporting & Analytics

Start doing more with BRG

Here's our main services


You also get


Stores Managment

"Managing stores and their independence means that each store operates independently but is managed from the main control panel, allowing for easy monitoring and control of all stores from one place. This system provides flexibility in managing inventory, sales, offers, discounts, and other administrative processes, helping to maximize the benefits of each store and increase profits."


Orders & Sales

"Effective management of sales and purchases is key to the success of any business. With our cloud-based Point of Sale system, you can easily track your sales and inventory, generate reports, and make informed purchasing decisions. Our system is designed to streamline the entire process, saving you time and increasing your profitability."


Returns Section

"Easy returns and exchanges" is a great feature of the Returns Department in the BRG app, as we ensure our customers a comfortable and guaranteed shopping experience.



BRG is a E-ivoicing Service Provider by Zakat, Providing full report of TAX detailes.


Online store

"An integrated online store in the BRG app provides traditional stores with a wider customer base and online sales. Customers can order from the online store and pick up from the physical branch, saving time and increasing revenue for stores."


Cloud System

"Cloud" in the BRG Cloud app refers to the use of cloud computing to store and process data. This allows users to access the app and their information on any device connected to the internet without the need to download the app separately. Cloud computing enables BRG Cloud app to access information, system updates, security, and manage operations and reports flexibly and efficiently.



"Get a comprehensive overview of your store's performance with the Reports section in the cloud-based BRG app. Check sales, revenue, top-selling items, and much more to make better decisions for your store's growth."


Technical Support

The BRG app is distinguished by a trained technical support team available around the clock to assist you in resolving any issues you may encounter while using the application. Whether you need help setting up products or dealing with financial transactions, our technical support team is always ready to provide immediate assistance and provide a very smooth user experience.



The QR menu in the BRG Cloud application provides a convenient and easy way to order food. Customers can view the complete menu and select their favorite items and add them to the cart. Stores can also easily and quickly update the menu through the application.

Simple pricing for all your needs

Choose the right plan for your business no hidden fees. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.


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Let us know if you need further assistant about our pricing or application. We will do our best to help.

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